Setting and reaching goals is an essential part of almost any successful project or achievement, no matter whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, athlete or student. By setting goals the right way, you increase your chances of attaining them by maintaining your focus and your motivation, something most people find difficult to do.

Below are links to articles about goal setting on this blog as well as links to my book on the topic and related resources. I hope they help you achieve more.


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How to Achieve Your Goals!

By Greg J. Bahlmann

How to Achieve Your Goals e-book

One of the best pathways to a successful, fulfilling life is to be able to set goals and then achieve them. “How to Achieve Your Goals” gives you a practical roadmap for achieving things you never dreamed you could – more success, better health, better relationship and more! The sky is the limit! All it takes is a little willpower … and this book.

Some highlights include:

  • 100% actionable steps. No fluff included.
  • An introduction to the GREATER2 Goal Achievement System, that makes setting and then achieving goals super-easy.
  • Tips and tricks for getting better goal achievement results.
  • A method that you adapt to fit your own life instead of having to follow a specific formula.
  • A whole host of helpful printable checklists, reminders, inspiration templates and more that make goal achievement easier and less theoretical.

This is an e-book that can be downloaded in PDF format. No special software is required to open or read it.

Price: US$ 9.77


Pssst! Use the discount code “goal” for 25% off the price.

Look Inside “How to Achieve Your Goals!”

Here’s a slideshow that will give you a peed inside the “How to Achieve Your Goals!” eBook, so you can get a better idea about its quality and content.

Goal-Related Posts

Here are the articles posted on this blog that relate to goal setting and achievement, as well as related topics. I hope you find them interesting and useful.

10 Must-Have Time Management Skills

10 Must-Have Time Management Skills

Time management is made up of a number of important skills that work together to allow you to increase your effectiveness and efficiency while reducing risk and stress. Read more about these time management skills here.

How to Optimize Your Goal Path

How to Optimize Your Goal Path

Your goal path is the “route” you will follow from where you are to where you want to be. In this article, we’ll explore the ways to get the most out of this concept.

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